Series of Articles for Krasamo's Blog

11 November 2022 by Ed Freitas
My friends at Krasamo asked me to write a few articles in the past couple of years that cover Cross-platform frameworks, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Containerization, and Connected Devices. Check them out, as they contain some good insights on these technologies.
Technological Disruption & Introducing AI IoT Solutions Examples: Overview and Benefits IoT Security: The Applicability of IoT in Finance and Business IoT Device Security: The Big Picture Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning Concepts Considerations for Connected Device IoT Solutions Containerization of Microservices for Rapid Mobile and Web Development IoT Security: Overview of Common Attack Techniques IoT Security: Inherent Insecure Nature of IoT Devices IoT Devices Security Concepts, Measures and Protocols Cross-platform frameworks: React Native vs. Flutter Introduction to Cross-Platform App Development React Native Tutorial: An Authoritative Introduction - 1/2 React Native Tutorial: Exploring React Native - 2/2