Navigating Generative AI Hurdles - 4th on Pluralsight!

15 December 2023 by Ed Freitas
Ranked 4th on Pluralsight
It's been months since I published on my blog. The reason is mainly because I've been busy producing various courses for Pluralsight. Producing courses, especially editing, is time-consuming, and this has left me no time to post anything on my blog for quite a while. I love producing courses, especially content relevant to the challenges IT pros, developers, and business professionals face nowadays. Recently, I created a course for generative AI called Navigating Generative AI Hurdles: Prototyping, Evaluation, and Ethics, which teaches learners how to unlock the power of generative AI responsibly. To my surprise, out of the more than fifteen thousand (> 15,000) courses available on the Pluralsight library, as of December 2023, my course, Navigating Generative AI Hurdles, now ranks as the top 4th course on the Pluralsight library, with 11,186.79 view hours, and 14,340 viewers!
Navigating Generative AI Hurdles - 4th on Pluralsight!
I'm excited about how learners have embraced the course and are interested in deploying AI solutions ethically and responsibly. Season greetings, and keep learning.