Remake and Advertising Publishers

07 January 2021 by Ed Freitas
In recent years, publishers have gotten away from the idea of building brands on the web, in favor of simply advertising, by throwing ads everywhere. As a publisher it is tempting to look at turning HTML/CSS designs into functional web apps, to strengthen your brand with actionable features to show--this would help add more placements for programmatic advertising supply. However, the reality is far from that. The lengthy process of developing web apps today has proven to be too daunting for most publishers, who have opted for easy placements of ads, placing them everywhere, rather than brand-building through web apps. This has lead to consumer frustration and the advent of laws that are designed to protect consumers and their privacy.
Possible Solution
Therefore, the current process of building web apps is not encouraging for advertising publishers to pursue web apps, but instead, it favors the menial placements of intrusive ads everywhere. Remake is a web framework that is built for anyone looking to turn their HTML/CSS design into a ready-to-go web app, skipping most of the steps in the long process that occurs between design and usable product--offering instant deployments with minimal effort. From my perspective, Remake could be a game-changer for advertising publishers that want to turn their designs into functional web apps and leap-frog their advertising competitors.
Remake offers some interesting features, such as the ability to automatically save data on your page in a structured format. As a publisher or designer, you would simply tell Remake which data is editable and let it handle the rest. Beyond that, Remake gives users the ability to upload files with a few lines of HTML, and as a designer, you could build interactive surveys by creating lists that are sortable using a single attribute. Remake also comes with built-in user management and sign-in, which is incredibly valuable for augmenting user engagement and brand reach.
Final Thoughts...
The key to increasing consumer engagement with brands on the web is a cleaner and more integral experience, and this is where Remake has an opportunity to shine. When consumers feel overloaded by random ads placed everywhere, that bring little or no value, it's hard to know where to focus. A less-is-more approach brings brands more clearly into view of consumers, and by being able to create interactive and personalized web experiences, Remake could be a game-changer for publishers and a way to put an end to ad-fatigue on the web.
I am not affiliated with Remake. I just happen to find the product interesting.